Six Degrees of Radio songs Sound Of Madness

Sound Of Madness

by Shinedown

~ Shout along favorites ~

I admit that I was late to the Shinedown party. I liked “If You Only Knew” but aside from an occasional radio tune, didn’t really go looking for them much until their fifth album was coming out.

I would put a Shinedown mix on YouTube while I was at work and just let it rock the headphones while I was stuck at the laptop in the cubicle. This one grabbed me very early on for its great riff-based lead lines underneath the vocals, and the way the intro really builds its way into the song. It’s a great one to sing along with and easy to bang your head to while getting out whatever frustrations have to be plaguing you in your life at that moment.

My daughter was at her fist-pumpingest when Shinedown got to this one in their live show at The Hat, and everyone around us thought this little 8-yo kid with waist-length hair in a too-big t-shirt headbanging away was the greatest thing at the concert.

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