Six Degrees of Radio grew out of a show I used to host on Radio Free Raleigh, called Six Degrees of Sound. In addition to the random musings about music I’d done on any number of internet forums (fora?) and other articles about music, I’d put together a show that was a bunch of fun, but a real pain for the PD to piece together given the technical limitations of the online interface for the station. So while I’m still involved with RFR, it’s not with that show any more.

The content here is equal parts musical dissection, memoir, and trivia, loosely inspired by a combination of Eddie Trunk’s radio show, and Scott Paulsen’s Facebook series “On the Turntable” that looks back over his 40+ year career in radio, and some Chuck-Klosterman-style stream of consciousness ramblings.

Most of what you get here are just individual songs. Sometimes I’ll talk about whole albums, or compare some albums. Occasionally you’ll get a playlist of stuff that I think belongs together, for reasons I’ll try to explain. Other times, I’m discussing artists and their evolution. But it’s mostly songs, because ultimately that’s what this is, right? It’s about the songs.