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by Chapterhouse

~ Late night weekend MTV ~

There was an early ’90s golden age of late-night MTV, especially on Sunday nights with 120 Minutes. There was a huge variety of excellent alt-rock and college radio type bands that were all over the special alt-rock show but never could break through at any other hour on MTV.

Fortunately, not only could you record these things on VHS, but with a little bit of ingenuity you could run the audio out cables from the back of your VCR to the input jacks on your stereo and record the audio from the MTV videos. That way, you weren’t stuck trying to chase around bands the local record store had never heard of, and that you would never see again in any other format

We will certainly cover a whole lot of these artists – Birdland, the Seers, Charlatans UK, and others – throughout this series. But for tonight, just sit back with the ethereal vocals and subtle chill beats of Chapterhouse, and their one semi-hit

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