Love Spreads

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by The Stone Roses

~ THAT is a guitar riff ~

Some asshole at the record company actually released a radio edit that completely truncates the instrumental first “verse” of this song, and I hope he was not just fired but sent home without getting a chance to clean out his desk and that someone gave him a wedgie on the way out the door. I get why you would edit this for the radio, but sometimes you’ve got to shove it down radio’s throat in order to help jack up the quality of the product.

John Squire had an acrimonious split from the rest of the band and it’s too bad because songs like this really make the whole group stand out. John provides the rock & the rhythm section provides the roll, and the lead singer has the good sense to know when to stay out of the way.

But good God, that opening slide riff just really tears the roof off and launches a thousand air guitars. The build at the end of the song where the band just starts a repeated drive underneath the coda takes the end of the song to a great crescendo and the higher end of Squire’s guitar playing makes a great appearance here too, as the different layers of the production all continue to build to what’s a great climax to an incredible guitar tune.

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