One Vision

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by Queen

~ The best performers on the soundtrack ~

The lead single from the Iron Eagle soundtrack, this quintessential Queen rocker dispenses with all their artsy pretentiousness and just cranks the power chords under Freddie’s glass-cutting vocals.  The production work is layered and stellar, and there are parts where the band trade off instruments and give dual drummers or an extra overdubbed swirl on the guitar.  The bridge after the solo with the heavy Dio-style keyboards doesn’t feel the least bit like a patented Elton-John-vibe-killer, but rather like an important part of building the song.  The video swoops its way through the highlights of the movie, and was honestly a better trailer than the actual movie trailer.

And make sure you listen to the inventory of the to-go-bucket at the end of the song as Freddie asks to you “gimme gimme gimme….  FRIED CHICKEN”

Note that there’s also an extended version of the song and video, without the movie highlights.

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