by Post Malone

~ My son has a song I dig ~

So let’s just say I’m only a fan of about 10% of what my son listens to. And most of that is stuff he got from me and my wife, like the Red Hot Chili Peppers, or The Struts. But for some reason, he likes Post Malone, and a ton of other hip-hop stuff. And while Post isn’t one of my favorites, it’s probably the one of his favorites that I’m actually okay with, and the song really isn’t too bad.

It’s a hypnotic little riff that he’s singing over, and while the lyrics are typical 21st century mumbling and a lot of pop culture references, it’s very much music of its time, and that’s not really a bad thing given what he’s going for.

So just chill with a nice little groove that hit whatever charts matter these days and is a surprisingly good song by a current artist that really no one over 23 gives a rip about.

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