Six Degrees of Radio songs Ain’t Gonna Cry No More

Ain’t Gonna Cry No More

by Whitesnake

~ back when they were more blues than metal ~

There are definitely two parts to this song as the lush 12 string guitar arrangement at the beginning gives way to a more traditional blues rocker with no real change in the lyrics. It’s almost like David Coverdale had two different arrangements of the same song, couldn’t decide which one to do, and rather than release both, he just mashed them together.  GNR did this 8 years later when they released two different versions of “You’re Crazy”. Coverdale just made one song and stretched it out.

Whitesnake got famous later in the ’80s for much heavier tunes, but their bluesier roots from the late ’70s until about ’82 (basically, from Coverdale’s solo discs “Northwinds” and “White Snake” through to about the “Saints & Sinners” album) showcased better songwriting and a wider array of musicianship with fellow Deep Purple refugees Roger Glover and John Lord along for the ride. The MTV version of Whitesnake was built around virtuoso guitar players. The live touring version of Whitesnake playing heavy blues tunes was built around an entire band that had space to play in the songs.

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