Six Degrees of Radio songs The “Other” Song Week: Some Day We’ll Know

The “Other” Song Week: Some Day We’ll Know

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by New Radicals

~ A heartfelt follow-up for a band designed to go nowhere ~

They were science project put together by the lead singer who never intended them to last more than an album or so. Most of the band later resurfaced as the house band on the Rockstar TV shows that were the reality competitions for lead singers for INXS and Rockstar Supernova.

The hit you know is You Get What You Give. The song you don’t is this one, their follow-up single that made a minor dent in the charts but is utterly forgotten these days whenever people pull out lists of 90s one hit wonders. It’s still a catchy tune, but nowhere near the memorable nature or quasi-controversy of their first song with its references to Courtney Love, Beck, and Marilyn Manson.

All week long we’re bringing you the “other” single from someone who was widely-regarded as a one-hit wonder because of how big the first hit was.

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