Six Degrees of Radio songs The “Other” Song Week: She Runs Away

The “Other” Song Week: She Runs Away

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by Duncan Sheik

~ Stick to the formula and hope for the best ~

The heavily strummed ’90s classic of Barely Breathing was a huge radio hit in the late ’90s, but this follow-up didn’t really register, in part because the change in tone probably turned off a lot of people who are expecting another up tempo strum-and-hum radio hit.

It’s still a decently heartfelt song that sounds like it should have been a good radio tune. Duncan Sheik was actually following the hard rock playbook of the previous decade: uptempo starter song, follow up with the ballad.

On a completely unrelated note, one of the guys I worked with at the Kinkos in Monterey looked just like Duncan Sheik.

All week long we’re bringing you the “other” single from someone who was widely-regarded as a one-hit wonder because of how big the first hit was.

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