Six Degrees of Radio songs The “Other” Song Week: Wishing I Was There

The “Other” Song Week: Wishing I Was There

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by Natalie Imbruglia

~ Hard to follow up your own stratospheric hit ~

That ’90s strum-and-hum motif of songs that you could play acoustic and sound no different than the radio hit were all over the charts once the Spice Girls faded away. Depending on what chart you pay attention to, Natalie’s first hit was the number one song of ’98 and was inescapable for about 3 years.

That made her follow-up to the breakthrough virtually impossible. Coupled with the fact that this was really only the second single to get much airplay in the US and she had a huge uphill climb no matter what she did. The song could have been the number 4 song of the year in ’99 and it still would have been considered a disappointment compared to the first one.

All week long we’re bringing you the “other” single from someone who was widely-regarded as a one-hit wonder because of how big the first hit was.

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