by Electric Angels

~ Yes, this song clocks in under 5 minutes ~

Why is that so hard to believe? Literally every single verse has different instrumentation under it.


Go back and give it a second listen.

You’ve got the big strumming 12-string acoustic under the intro verse leading into the first trip through the chorus.
You’ve got the guitar-riff-driven shout-along verse next.
We slow down again for the next half-verse leading into the guitar solo.
Coming out of the guitar solo we’re back to full volume, drinking our lives away and leading into another guitar riff underneath a verse that is completely different from the second one way back at the beginning of the song.
Four different verses: some longer, some shorter, some probably miscategorized as a bridge, and every one of them with different instrumentation underneath it.
Find me another song with that level of complexity cramped into four and a half minutes

And no one out there has a clue who the hell the Electric Angels are….

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