Six Degrees of Radio songs Tracy In The Bathroom Killing Thrills / Blue Stockings

Tracy In The Bathroom Killing Thrills / Blue Stockings

by Mary’s Danish

~ “identity crisis”, the band ~

Are they a ska band that plays too fast?

Are they a skate band that plays too well?

Are they the Indigo Girls of punk rock?

No one could ever quite figure out what these guys were, which made them perfect for the mid-90s mishmash of genres that also brought you Rage Against The Machine playing hard rock hip hop, and White Trash playing heavy metal with a brass section, not to mention the Beastie Boys cranking up the flute.

This two-song intro to their live EP really showcases their frantic energy and insane musicianship. It also showcases the acquired taste of the twin female vocalists. They’re singing about as much as Anthony Kiedis “sings” for the Chili Peppers, but it does seem to fit the style of the music. Off the beaten path, but still talented and fun.

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