Six Degrees of Radio songs Thorn in my Pride

Thorn in my Pride

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by The Black Crowes

~ They probably still hated each other back then, but figured out how to live with it ~

Here’s a valid question: do the Black Crowes belong in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? On the balance of their first three albums, you would think so. There’s people in the Hall of Fame with far less distinguished careers: lower quality output, over a shorter time span, with much less influence. 

Expansive, epic songs like this aren’t ever going to make it on the radio but are certainly not filler tracks on their albums. These are songs meant to be played with the rest of the album as you just lay back and settle in with a beer for a great afternoon of rock and roll. It’s a little surprising this one even got a video shot for it, since those are usually reserved for hit singles. While this hit #1 on the US “rock” chart (whatever that is) it only made it to #80 on the more mainstream “pop” charts.

As noted on more than a few of these song entries the production is top-notch. The band layers their sound together incredibly well and every note is perfectly placed. Rich Robinson is still building songs with his lead guitar work and isn’t trying to overwhelm anything, and Steve Gorman knows how to perfectly carry the song with the level of drumming that he provides a different stages in the overall tune.

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