Six Degrees of Radio songs The “Other” Song Week: Singing in my Sleep

The “Other” Song Week: Singing in my Sleep

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by Semisonic

~ Hard to follow up your own stratospheric hit ~

You can probably still hear the refrain of Closing Time in your head as you’re trying hard not to listen to it because it’s such a damn annoying chorus.

The problem with their follow-up song is that it was a little too ambitious both lyrically and musically. You can depart from the formula of your first hit only so much before the audience turns away and goes back to what they were expecting to hear, which is a redux of your first song.

Incidentally, they did get some good radio airplay with their track from the 10 Things I Hate About You  soundtrack called FNT.

All week long we’re bringing you the “other” single from someone who was widely-regarded as a one-hit wonder because of how big the first hit was.

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