Six Degrees of Radio songs Take It To The Limit

Take It To The Limit

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by The Eagles

~ Wide open western highway landscapes ~

Certain songs transport you to a specific time and others transport you to a specific place. The latter are especially effective when the place is as timeless as those enormous landscapes of the American West. Whether you’re cruising I-40 west of Albuquerque or I-70 west of Grand Junction, those enormous plateaus, mesas, and buttes are magnificent to behold and truly stunning.

The soaring chords of this classic Eagles tune were tailor made for cruising those western landscapes. You can get off the interstates too, just like Lightning McQueen figured out by the end of the first Cars movie. You can get on Route 66, or cruise the reservation roads to Four Corners, or take the Million Dollar Highway from Durango to Silverton to Ouray.  It really doesn’t matter, as long as you’ve got a mile-wide sky in front of you, tree-covered peaks on two sides and dust covered peaks on the other two, and the Eagles blasting through the speaker with the top down

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