Six Degrees of Radio songs Sure Know Something

Sure Know Something

by Kiss

~ We’ll always have Budapest ~

I didn’t discover Dynasty until a few years after it was out. I knew a few KISS hits from growing up, but didn’t get my first album until the mid-80s, and then started filling in my back catalog. With the advent of the Walkman, cassette tapes became a must-have for traveling and we would usually make a variety of mixtapes to take on the road with us rather than get tied to a couple of specific albums.

I spent spring break of 1985 in Budapest, and yes you read that right. It’s a longer story than I’m going to tell here other than to point out that one of my mixtapes from that trip had this song on it – twice as it turns out as I had accidentally put it on both sides of the tape. So I heard it twice as often as anything else on that trip and it just sort of stuck as the song that always reminds me of that trip.

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