by Sixx AM

~ Better songwriting than the band he is famous for? ~

Nikki Sixx is obviously famous for his time at Mötley Crüe, and particularly as the primary songwriter for all of their classic hits. You don’t get Kickstart My Heart, or Girls Girls Girls, or Too Young to Fall in Love without him. His vivid songwriting was an integral part of that Mötley Crüe sound.

So while we can all acknowledge advances in production, and the intricacies of songwriting, and to an extent, the quality of the audience that is more willing to accept singles that get beyond the traditional verse/chorus/bridge construction, it seems odd that much of Nikki’s best and the most detailed songwriting all ended up on his solo album instead of with the Crüe.

It’s not like these songs are so thematically different or musically off the beaten path that the boys in the Crüe would never have recorded them. Either way, at least we get some great songwriting from him.

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