Six Degrees of Radio songs Sidekicks Week: You’re A Friend of Mine

Sidekicks Week: You’re A Friend of Mine

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by Clarence Clemons

~ Trading one legend for another ~

Clemons actually released a few different solo albums, just to get some things out of his system that didn’t quite belong with the E Street Band. Some of his better work actually came while Bruce and the E’s were on the outs in the mid- and late-80s. But Clemons only had one solo ‘hit’ and that was when he swapped out Bruce for Jackson Browne, and was still kicking around with a legendary lead man. So yeah, Clemons’ name is the first one on the title, and it’s his album it’s on, but he didn’t write it, the only hit he had as a solo artist was with another superstar, and yes, Daryl Hannah actually sang the backup lines in the real song, and not just the video.

Clemons was even a sidekick in the biggest hit of his not-just-a-sidekick solo career.

This week we’re showcasing bands that were founded by guys who made their names as someone else’s sidekick.

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