Six Degrees of Radio songs Sidekicks Week: No Bed of Roses

Sidekicks Week: No Bed of Roses

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by Lynch Mob

~ Give that guy a singer ~

What was it about late-80s LA bands that made the guitarists always want to blow out of the band and give their own show a go? George’s solo effort after taking a break from Dokken showed some real pop sensibilities for great hooks, and an ear for great singers. Dokken always had some excellent songwriting that was mired behind Don’s rather listless vocals. On the debut Lynch Mob disk, George gets a singer (Oni Logan) who provides a little more snarl and a lot more power. The guitar playing is just as good as anything he did with Dokken, indicating he wasn’t really holding the ‘good stuff’ for his solo work, but the production is definitely better than it was on the first 2-3 Dokken discs. There were 2-3 top-20-worthy tracks on this album, and the band definitely deserved a chance to run it back for another album or two.

This week we’re showcasing bands that were founded by guys who made their names as someone else’s sidekick.

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