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Metal Monday! Wasted Years

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by Iron Maiden

~ Who let the synths out? ~

Iron Maiden tried to do something different on their seventh album. Back in the studio after their mega “World Slavery Tour” the Irons wanted to do something a little different. The songwriting was still excellent, with complex lyrical themes that were never even attempted by most other metal bands. But musically, the band tried to incorporate guitar synthesizers for some of their mix. While they weren’t as blatant is Judas Priest’s contemporary album (Turbo) they were certainly a departure from the usual Iron Maiden mix. 

They were most noticeable on this track, which really isn’t a huge departure from most Maiden tunes. The guitar synthesizers blend in much better then you’d expect, and it’s really the soaring chorus the feels different compared to most of their tunes. Bruce stretches himself vocally on this album more than the rest of the band stretch themselves musically, but it was the guitar synthesizer that got all the attention at the time.

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