Six Degrees of Radio songs Metal Monday: Savior

Metal Monday: Savior

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by Rise Against

~ Our standards definitely change over time ~

Think of some of your favorite hard rock tunes from the ’70s and ’80s and the song structure that they have. Unless you’re listening to Rush tunes, or some mid-Ozzy-era Black Sabbath, most of them are pretty simplistic and might have something more than just a verse, bridge, and chorus in their structure, but it’s unlikely.

Now peel off this one from the stack. The intro follows the same melody as the other verses, but the instrumentation under it is completely different than the rest of the song. There’s another verse that also strips out some of the instrumentation. There’s a bridge leading into the chorus that gets repeated each time the chorus comes around, but then there’s also a completely different bridge interlude in the middle of the song. Complex lyrical themes and vocabulary words just round out a lyrical tour de force and the overall production of the song is completely impeccable.

If you really wanted to show someone the evolution of hard rock from the ’70s to ’80s to now, this is a great modern tune to give them even though it’s already about 10 years old.

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