Six Degrees of Radio songs Metal Monday: Keep Away

Metal Monday: Keep Away

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by Godsmack

~ The second-single blues ~

We talked elsewhere about how some bands released the wrong song for their first single. Godsmack were another band that fell victim to this. Their first single (“Whatever”) was okay, but a little repetitive. Honestly, the main reason it probably got released was it dropped an f-bomb in the bridge and they edited it as minimally as possible just so DJs could feel edgy playing it.

This was their second single, and it’s a better song on every front. The riff is better and more nuanced, the vocals honestly have a similar theme but a wider range of expression, and the melody that the lyrics track to is much more of a song and less of a growl. The vocals also give the guitars a little more space to lay out with the riff in the middle of the verse. All around, this was a better song and should have been the lead instead of giving the band a chance to tank on the strength of a lesser first release

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