Six Degrees of Radio songs Metal Monday: Do You Need Some

Metal Monday: Do You Need Some

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by Mind Bomb

~ Virtuoso Industrial Metal ~

They’re not just a woefully underrated heavy ’90s alt-rock band, Mind Bomb were the unknown hard rock darlings of Chicago. This driving, churning, industrial rock track sets down an incredible groove once it kicks in (yeah, the intro is both weird, and a little longer than it needs to be). The production layers over top of it, from the keyboard riffs between the singing to the crunchy guitar riffs under the verse, all combined into a seamless undertow that drags the listener along. The Hendrix-inspired riff in the middle of it all lends a nice touch to break up too much monotony, but that was never really a danger on this track. 

Note that the 9-minute video version is a significant re-edit of the 6-1/2-minute album version, but just as wild, and takes just as long to really get moving (close to the 2:15 mark or so)

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