Six Degrees of Radio songs Good One Comin’ On

Good One Comin’ On

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by Blackberry Smoke

~ Texas calling ~

Yes, I know these guys are not from Texas. But anybody singing a song that includes a reference to Shiner Bock immediately gets tied to Texas, whether you want it or not. And this isn’t a West Texas song, it’s an East Texas song, where the fields are green, the hills are rolling, and there’s always a lake that’s not too far away where you can hang out with your two six packs of Shiner and some friends getting hammered over a weekend after a week of work that you just didn’t think you would survive.

Those blondes in the ragtop mustang? You’ve got them in every town in Texas, and they’re more than happy to follow you down to the lake if you’ve got something to keep the party flowing.

They didn’t just feel a good one coming on, they brought you along, too.

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