Six Degrees of Radio songs Flute Week: Moments With You

Flute Week: Moments With You

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by Gran Torino

~ No, you’ve never heard of them. So what? ~

There’s not a whole lot of flute in here. Honestly, there’s probably a little more record scratch in here than the flute riff. But, it’s a nice little underlying touch that you get in the middle of each verse just to give the song that extra bit of pep.

These guys made absolutely zero dent in the national music scene at all, and I only happened to find them because the local alternative radio station back in Colombia around 20 years ago threw them on the radio because they were playing on the undercard of a local festival. But it’s a great tune and I’ve had it in rotation for longer than my son has been around…

So yeah, it’s not “Fleet Week” but rather “flute week” – rock music with a flute in the song. And yes, we’re going to do it all without Jethro Tull! Oh, and we’re skipping “Sure Shot” by the Beastie Boys because, well, we already covered it.

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