Flat Top

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by The Goo Goo Dolls

~ Lyrically ambiguous genius ~

It’s not one of the hit singles from the Goo’s, but it might be one of their best lyrical performances.  Sandwiched between 5 other classic tunes on what was arguably one of the half dozen or so best album sides of the entire 90s, Flat Top gets political in a way that comments on all of 90s-era US society, and not just the half that someone hates, like you find all over social media today.

A television war between the cynics and the saints / flip the dial and that’s whose side you’re on

Was far more prescient than it was given credit for at the time

A visionary coward says that anger can be power / As long as there’s a victim on TV

Seems so tailor made for today that it’s hard to believe this a 25-year-old song

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