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Dyslexic Heart

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by Paul Westerberg

~ A perfect marriage of song and movie ~

If this song didn’t appear on the Singles soundtrack, would you still think it’s the perfect song for that movie? Arguably, yeah it still is. Fortunately Cameron Crowe had the good sense to put it on the soundtrack because although “Crown of Thorns” hits a more perfect moment in the movie for the vibe of its scene, this song manages to capture the vibe of the entire movie both lyrically and musically. And that’s really saying something since Westerberg is from Minnesota and the movie is the quintessential Seattle flick.

It’s an active, upbeat, peppy song that still talks about how hard it is to make a connection with someone. The main theme is how unintentionally mis-matched we all are, and why, and what the hell can you do about it? The sing-along intro gets you pumped up when the song first hits your speakers and even if you have a hard time following Westerberg’s busy lyrical flow, you can still manage the NA-NANA-NA’s with him.

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