Six Degrees of Radio songs Down To Earth

Down To Earth

by Curiosity Killed The Cat

~ The ’80s called ~

There was a certain subset of pop music in the ’80s that wasn’t quite new wave but still featured synthesizers and effects-laden guitars in a space that existed between pop music, and hair metal. It wasn’t quite the cool Britpop music even though many of the artists were British. But the blend of hanging guitar chords, extended synthesizers, and lead lines with a saxophone, gave you a distinctly ’80s studio pop that was tough to recreate on stage but unmistakable on the radio

So this song was never even remotely close to being a hit. But it’s a good example of the kind of classic ’80s pop that you get when blending a wide variety of instruments with a specific studio sound. This isn’t dance floor music. It’s night club music for drinks out with some friends, for a casual first date in a group setting. It’s tasteful and non-offensive and very well-executed. Some folks would make fun of this as the kind of music you hear in a supermarket aisles, others just admire the musicianship of the ’80s kids, around all of the bad cliches that we love to make fun of today


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