Six Degrees of Radio songs Down in Splendour

Down in Splendour

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by Straitjacket Fits

~ My slow conversion to alt rock ~

Summers when I was home from college were pretty dead. Little bit of camping, a little bit of visiting family, whole lot of sleeping late, reading fantasy books, and praying the AC didn’t give out. It was also a lot of late night MTV, especially on the weekends. You got Headbangers’ Ball on Saturday, and 120 Minutes on Sunday. For one summer, these guys were all over MTV late night. It’s a solid mellow tune exactly like you would want late at night. It’s got a nice mix of strummed and arpeggiated guitar lines, and vocals that ride along with the song instead of trying to climb all over top of the music. There’s really nothing remarkable about it other than it’s a well-crafted slice really ’90s alt-rock and does a great job of encapsulating the feel you got from those old MTV shows that highlighted their specific genres of music.

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