Six Degrees of Radio songs Don’t Wanna Bring You Down

Don’t Wanna Bring You Down

by Trigger Hippy

~ Hang on, now who’s singing? ~

Ok, nice guitar groove to open up. Good funky little drum track too, which you would expect from Steve Gorman.

Strong Southern rock male voice lead vocal for the opening line. Got it.

Next line is so deep in borders on self parody? Uh, ok.

Third line of the song and we’re up to our third singer? What the hell is going on here?

What’s going on is that Steve had to rebuild Trigger Hippy after Jackie Greene went back to a solo career and Joan Osborne didn’t want to move to Nashville. So we lost one of Southern roots-rock’s supergroups after only one album and you’ve got the former drummer for the Black Crowes left trying to regroup as his current band is breaking up and his old band is trying to get back together. So he and his bassist go out and give their second guitarist more of a singing role (even if he doesn’t quite have Jackie’s guitar chops) and find a gal who can wail, and package it all together into a whole new band with the name everyone already knew.

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