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by The Revivalists

~ A very tight rhythm section ~

There’s a lot that The Revivalists do very well: incorporating a pedal steel guitar, bringing horns back to rock and roll, and not giving you a bunch of repetitive lyrical tropes, among others.

On this particular tune though, the drummer really gets a chance to shine and makes the most of it. It’s a frenetic driving pace that keeps the song bounding along even when the lyrics are much slower. The bass knows to stay joined at the hip to the more staccato drums, and not lay out a bunch of whole notes. The band knows when to anthem themselves up and raise the crescendo level and when to settle down and just let some staccato guitar and excellent drumming shine through.

As good as this recording it, though, it’s one of those tunes that’s a thousand times better live, in a club with a few hundred people, bouncing along as the band crest the wave at the top of the chorus. It’s an out-of-body experience that too few people will get to experience any more now that the band are getting too big for those size clubs.

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