Burn On

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by Baker’s Pink

~ Criminally underrated ~

These guys came and went with essentially one album under this name. Originally known as The Front, they changed their name to avoid confusion with Agnostic Front, and to manage to get one album out before the label dropped them. Part of the problem was that they got marketed as a hard rock / metal band even though they really weren’t. They were definitely heavier rock, but not the kind of girls, guitars, and fast cars cheese metal coming out of LA at the time. So they got marketed as that kind of band and then buried under the tidal wave of grunge that crashed on the music business right around the time these guys were trying to break through.

What you ended up with instead was one stellar album with a variety of interesting and intricate arrangements, some driving rock tunes like this one to go with some slower builds elsewhere. While some of the lyrics explored your traditional sorts of heartbreak and romance themes, others drifted much further afield, like this one. We all burn on.

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