Day: June 20, 2021

First Day of SummerFirst Day of Summer

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by Tony Carey

~ It’s weird what people are famous for ~

Tony Carey started off in a Christian rock band that fell apart because of drug use. He happened to be in a studio recording next door to Ritchie Blackmore and Rainbow and ended up on tour with him for a few years, as well as appearing on an album as the keyboardist.

Years later, after an IRS investigation and his album getting handed around different record labels, he finally hit MTV in the early ’80s with “(It’s a) Fine, Fine Day.”  In the summer of 84, this single was released and between the video and a fairly infectious chorus, was all over the radio for 2 months. It’s probably his best known song even today. 

Which is what’s weird about Tony. He was in a much bigger band (Rainbow) and had a bigger hit single (“Fine, Fine Day” charted higher), and ran his own record label for a bunch of years. Hell, he’s not even famous for the IRS raid that took down his first record label. He’s famous for a modestly charting but very peppy tune about a specific day of the year, and since it comes around every June, the song gets played again, every June, like clockwork.

He’s not famous for his bigger successes or his spectacular failures. He’s famous for a song about a particular day on the calendar.