Six Degrees of Radio concerts Saturday Night Concert: Type O Negative

Saturday Night Concert: Type O Negative

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~ I mean, c’mon – it’s Halloween ~

Who else should you be playing on Halloween, other than the guys whose lead singer thinks he’s a legit vampire? The over-the-top theatrics, the nutty lyrical themes, the Neil Young cover, and the hair… oh gawd, the hair. Seriously, these guys are auditioning to be the house band at the Clan Brujah family reunion, and if that ain’t a Halloween vibe, then nothing is.

Once upon a time, MTV had a live concert every Saturday night. Not a recording of a show, but an actual live concert. I can’t give you a live concert every Saturday, but I can give you some excellent live concert videos of some fantastic shows, and we can all pretend its sort of the 80s all over again.

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