Six Degrees of Radio songs Cheese Metal Week: Rebel With A Cause

Cheese Metal Week: Rebel With A Cause

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by Silent Rage

~ Nope, you’ve never heard of them either ~

It astounds me how there are bands that fly so far under the radar that they are almost subterranean.

I worked at a heavy metal radio station for a while and I never heard of these guys, despite them being perfectly in the wheelhouse of the kind of music that we played and they were active while I was there. I’m genuinely curious whether or not this video was ever played more than once on MTV. You can’t find anything about these guys anywhere online other than a stray mention of one of the members going on to play somewhere else. It’s not a bad performance, but it’s a very generic tune of the kind that we’re a dime a dozen during this era.

This week, it’s a look back at the cheesiest metal of the big hair era in the 80s and early 90s.

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