Six Degrees of Radio songs Cheese Metal Week: 1-2-3-4 Rock & Roll

Cheese Metal Week: 1-2-3-4 Rock & Roll

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by Rail

~ Back when the “M” in MTV meant something ~

Once upon a time, MTV didn’t just play music, they helped bands get their first deals, in a ‘reality tv show’ before anyone knew what the hell that even was. MTV had a series called The Basement Tapes for unsigned bands to compete for call-in votes to see who would get the record deal. These guys won in the Spring/Summer of ’84.

Summer of 1984, you had the theatrical debut of the movie Purple Rain, Rod Stewart was number 1 on the video countdown with Infatuation, and these guys debuted this song as one of the winners of the MTV Basement Tapes series. They debuted it right after the top 20 video countdown, and yes, somewhere I still have it on VHS.

Follow-on story: the crazy thing is, I can remember the interview with Marc Goodman when the Chili Peppers debuted “True Men Don’t Kill Coyotes” (back with Kiedis was still “Antwan the Swan”) and could’ve sworn that Goodman made reference to RHCP winning the Basement Tapes, too, but I can’t find any reference to them even competing anywhere online. It’s entirely possible I imagined it, but I don’t even own a VCR anymore to pull up the video and check it (yes, I’ve still got that tape from 1984, too).

This week, it’s a look back at the cheesiest metal of the big hair era in the 80s and early 90s.

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