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by Charlatans UK

~ Yes, that’s an organ groove ~

How the hell you get a hit single out of a staccato organ riff, nobody really knows. But some frenetic mid-90s UK Madchester-style beats underneath a droning guitar riff interspersed with some heavy effects-laden shimmering chords and you’ve got another oddball 90s late-night MTV hit. The video is typical shoegazer crap, but on the radio, this was a pretty solid tune for windows-down-driving even if nobody’s bothering to try to sing along and just dancing in their seats.

They’re still around, over 30 years after they were founded, and a huge hit in the UK, where they’ve had three #1 albums, and every studio record has hit the top 40 over there. But in the US? If anyone knows them, it’s this, and maybe one other song.

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