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by Beautiful Creatures

~ The blast-back ~

You how you’ll be driving around town, just digging on your own groove with some tunes loud enough to drown out the world, but not so loud they drown out your neighbor’s world?  It’s a nice state of flow, and can make intolerable traffic more bearable while gettin’ where you gotta go.  And then, some chucklenut with about $1700 of stereo in his trunk pulls up next to you with enough subwoofer to start an avalanche, and your nice little self-containted groove is now drowned out by some combination of n-words, f-bombs, bad rhymes, and worse rhythm.

This was my blast-back song.  I’d immediately flip over to this one and crank it right back up – easier to do in a convertible with a bunch of independently-amp’ed speakers – and let the soaring guitars and staccato delivery of clearly loud hard-rock vocals fight my fight for me.  This one’s been superceded a bit by some other tunes in my collection, but even at over 15 years old, it still does the trick.

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