Six Degrees of Radio songs Walls Come Tumbling Down!

Walls Come Tumbling Down!

by The Style Council

~ Classic britpop from the Modfather ~

Paul Weller not being in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is, quite frankly, a crime. There’s no universe in which Laura Nyro belongs in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame ahead of Paul Weller. Quite frankly, there’s a dozen folks just off the top of my head that don’t belong in the Hall of Fame ahead of Paul Weller: Paul Butterfield, Donna Summer, Dire Straits, Biggie Smalls, Ringo Starr as a solo artist, and Frankie Lymon to start.

Paul Weller defined an entire generation of English music and influenced countless American acts up to and including Hall of Fame members Pearl Jam.

It’s really hard to fully encapsulate just how well his mix of strings, drums, vocal harmonies, and your traditional guitar-and-bass performances really shook up the musical world and continue to define that classic vocal-heavy, odd-instrumentation Britpop sound.

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