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~ 6 Degrees of Deen ~

There’s a guy named Sean McIndoe who writes about hockey for a sports website called The Athletic. Now, he does cover some serious things like rules changes and analyzing proposed trades. But he also gets goofy pretty frequently. He’ll come up with ridiculous ideas like trying to field the best hockey team made up of players with the same birthday, or the best lineup of players who are all traded for the same guy throughout his career.

If you tried that with Deen Castronova, you’d need a book. Seriously, take a look at all of the bands that Deen has played with, and using other members of those same bands put together the best lineup you can:

Neil Schon / Jack Blades / Anysley Dunbar / Johnny Gioeli / Dizzy Reed
Doug Aldrich / Gregg Rollie / Brian Tichy / Geezer Butler
Glenn Hughes / Steve Vai / Ozzy Osbourne / Paul Rodgers / Steve Smith
John Waite / Marco Medoza / Sammy Hagar / John Tempesta

Deen & Johnny played together in the early ’90s and then got back together 25 years later to record a one-off album. This small slice of hard rock radio perfection came from that album.

What’s your best lineup of “guys that were in bands that once included Deen Castronova”? Tell us in the comments!

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