Six Degrees of Radio songs The “Other” Song Week: Happy

The “Other” Song Week: Happy

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by Sister Hazel

~ Sometimes you get it better the second time around ~

All For You was all over the radio for a couple of years at the same time that all of those other strum-and-hum hits were big. This one’s a better song in virtually every phase: lyrically, musically, and production. It’s a much more uptempo tune with a better driving beat that plays very well in the car. It’s surprising it wasn’t a bigger hit given that it’s very close to the style of the original song.

The problem with their follow-up song is that it was a little too ambitious both lyrically and musically. You can depart from the formula of your first hit only so much before the audience turns away and goes back to what they were expecting to hear, which is a redux of your first song.

Oh, and not unlike Semisonic, Sister Hazel also had a song that got some decent radio airplay from the 10 Things I Hate About You soundtrack with a tune called Your Winter.

All week long we’re bringing you the “other” single from someone who was widely-regarded as a one-hit wonder because of how big the first hit was.

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