Six Degrees of Radio songs Suitcase Blues

Suitcase Blues

by Triumph

~ 14-year-old me could relate ~

I spent a lot of the 80s living out of suitcases given that my father was in the military and when we weren’t moving, we were traveling. Not only did we bounce around the US a bit, but for 8-1/2 years we lived in Germany (over 2 tours) and took a lot of trips to see a lot of Europe while we had the opportunity.

Although this album was released several years before I knew who Triumph were, I packed most of the cassettes to go with my Walkman on a lot of our trips in the 80s. This particular one (Just A Game) I played a lot during the summer of ’87 when I was in the US visiting my grandparents for a few weeks. As much as I love my grandparents, there was only so much that 14-year-old me was going to have in common with 65-year-old them. That left me with a lot of cassettes, comic books, Astros games on UHF TV, and RPG products that I couldn’t find in the exchange over in Europe.

Living out of a suitcase just seems very relatable for those few years.

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