Six Degrees of Radio songs Stop Kickin’ My Heart Around

Stop Kickin’ My Heart Around

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by The Black Crowes

~ The groove you can’t hum along ~

Think about all those great Crowes tunes.  Now hum one of them.  Easy, right?  You can hum & air guitar the opening of Twice as Hard or Remedy, or the main riff from Sting Me or the chords from Sister Luck or the underlying riff in Conspiracy.  Now do this one.

You can’t.  You’re not even close.

This one is 4 minutes of straight up slide guitar riffing with a pissed-off Chris Robinson over the top telling someone to fuck all the way off.  You can sing along with this one real easily.  It’s a great shout-along song and gets a huge live chorus from the audience belting back at the stage.  But it’s a very rare Black Crowes tune that you can’t hum along with the riff, because it just isn’t there.

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