Six Degrees of Radio songs Stone Cold Yesterday

Stone Cold Yesterday

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by The Connells

~ A Triangle area classic ~

30 years ago, there was a vibrant local rock scene in the Triangle area of North Carolina, with a number of artists that went on to national acclaim and big MTV appearances. They were helped along by the fact that several local flagship rock stations – among them the incomparable (original!) WRDU 106.1 – had no problem putting local artists in heavy rotation, even though no one outside the area cared. These guys were one of those artists.

It’s an effect-heavy riff with a lot of treble in the mix, and classic Connells harmony vocals. The drummer gets a moment to shine with a couple of different fills, and the whole band are clearly having a good time. These guys made a much bigger dent in the charts with their wistful high school reunion song 74-75, but around Raleigh, as soon as this riff comes out of the speaker, you’ve got the attention of all of the locals.

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