Six Degrees of Radio songs Still They Ride

Still They Ride

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by Journey

~ Streetlights on the bay ~

Journey love singing about their hometown. There’s plenty of tunes about San Francisco. “Lights” is probably the most famous. But this one is more cinematic.

You can picture Jesse either on a motorcycle or a convertible. I’ve always gone for the motorcycle, but I know others that prefer four wheels to two.

Either way, it’s pretty easy to imagine cruising around San Francisco at 2am with Steve Perry’s vocals soaring out of the speakers as you’re one of five cars on the road heading West down Filbert Street from Coit Tower toward either Taylor or Hyde and then to Market St and heading further away from the waterfront before grabbing something heading South into the Castro district or the Mission district.

It’s tough when you’ve been riding those streets forever and now nobody knows your name. But still, they ride

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