Six Degrees of Radio songs Sidekicks Week: Wagon Wheel

Sidekicks Week: Wagon Wheel

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by Pat Buzzard

~ Someone you didn’t know, much less that he was a sidekick ~

Pat Buzzard was Marti Dodson’s guitar player in the band Saving Jane, and the only dent he made as a solo artist was … when Marti joined him on this cut …. covering a beloved tune that grew to much higher fame when… someone else covered it (paging Darius Rucker!)

So yeah, Pat Buzzard isn’t just a sidekick. He’s a sidekick covering a song you know best from a completely different cover version, with his original lead singer joining him, from a band you probably never heard of in the first place. I mean, if we’re going to go deep, let’s way deep, huh?

This week we’re showcasing bands that were founded by guys who made their names as someone else’s sidekick.

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