One Way Out

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by The Allman Brothers

~ That slide riff ~

It’s not like there’s a shortage of great Allman Brothers tunes out there, but there’s a certain part of a generation that probably gives this one way more primacy than it deserves thanks to its appearance in the tour bus scene when Stillwater are taking off across the desert early in Almost Famous.

That energetic slide, with the double drummers underneath it, really give the road trip an amped up excited feel. It would have been a very different feel if something like “Jessica” from the Allmans was playing underneath that scene instead. But, thanks to this riff, you’re excited and happy and can’t wait to see what happens when these guys hit the road.

Cameron Crowe isn’t just a great screenwriter, he is a genius at picking and choosing which songs along where in the movies. Someone else always gets the credit for the score in his movies. But the consistency of how well the music is chosen for his movies like this, and Singles, leave no real doubt as to whose fingerprints are on the soundtrack.

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