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by The Refreshments

~ Signature songs that aren’t singles ~

The Uninvited have a similar song (“Is That Me”) that’s become a concert staple & a fan favorite without ever having been released as a single. There’s even a line from this one (“Here’s to life”) that became the title of the documentary about the band.

The single note riffs are basically arpeggios that slide into place underneath the verse. There’s a great driving riff in the chorus that grabs you and propels you through the song, while the drummer perfectly fills the bridge into the chorus and pulls you with him. 

There’s about six layers to the production on this song underneath a fantastic lyrical landscape of a band that’s been on the road just a little too long and not even really sure who they’re hanging out with in the dive bar anymore.

There’s a reason this is one of my top 20 to 25 all-time favorite songs and it’s a definite classic from a band much more famous for two or three more gimmicky tunes

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