Six Degrees of Radio songs Looking for the Magic

Looking for the Magic

by The Dwight Twilley Band

~ The random things that YouTube throws at you ~

I let YouTube build a playlist for me off of Whatever Happened to Fun by Candy, and it was an interesting mix of mid-80s unknown alternative acts, and random unknown ’80s hair bands. And by “unknown”, I mean “really unknown“, like Silent Rage, that I hadn’t even heard of and I worked at a hair metal station.

Dwight Twilley shows up in the list also, with some high-energy live performances and a song or two that seems vaguely familiar but you can’t quite place. Digging into the background a little more is how I learned more about Phil Seymour, and added him to some of my playlists. It’s also how I learned more about Shelter Records and some of the connections that they had. It’s also how you get Tom Petty showing up on Dwight’s tracks as a bass player trying to help his labelmate make it big.

Dwight’s tunes were never as meaningful as Tom’s but they had a similar Midwestern energy to them where they were just telling everyday stories that were very relatable to the listeners. Don’t worry, there’s a lot more coming from Shelter records, and the people attached to Dwight, Tom. and Phil. And the songs get better, too, because this one’s not all that great, but it does have a very young Tom Petty on bass.

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