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Fascination Street

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by The Cure

~ Would you believe this was a hype song? ~

I was a metalhead while growing up, and even though I lived in Europe in the mid 80s when The Cure were building a massive following on the continent, I never had checked them out, in part because their goth fans were kind of weird.

That changed in the late ’80s once I got back to the US, and I finally heard this one. I actually used to use this as my warm-up song getting ready before soccer games back in high school. This would be the one I would have playing on the bus, trying to drown out the rest of the morons around me and just focus on getting ready for the game. It’s not necessarily a song you would expect to get someone pumped up for a sporting event, but it worked for me.

It’s a repeated D-minor riff with variations on how you pick the strings, and a nice driving bass line, and it’s hard to believe I’m even trying to describe a song I’m pretty sure every one of the readers here already knows by heart. It’s plenty of oddball Cure-perfect lyrics, with all the doom-&-gloom you’d expect from the video.

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